Hello there,
my name is Lisa and I create stuff.

After graduating with a bachelors degree in Multimediaart at the University of applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria I decided to move to Berlin, Germany to start a new chapter in my personal and professional life.

Before that I worked several years as an audio engeneer for a TV Station, managed several film sets and a cinema. My creative work centers around music and connects it with social issues. Past projects took place in the fields of live performance, CD production, talks at conventions, short movies and painting. I am an adventurer and a fighter- in my work as well as in my lifestyle choices.

For most of my work I use the alias „Frida Vamos“. This way I am able create more freely and reinvent myself every once in a while. Also the name sounds far better than my real one lets be honest. Topics that play a huge factor in my life are the LGBTQ+ community, animal and human rights as well as enviromental concepts and I try to connect it to my work to add additional value and make my art accessible.

When I donĀ“t work I try to spend time in nature, with animals or researching recipes from far away and not so distant places. I started this blog to keep my friends and especially colleagues updated about where life and work takes me.

Awards and exhibitions:

2017 – backlab video exhibition“1 schnitt vong Kunst her“
Projects: Frida Vamos – Alaska (music video)
Frida Vamos – Lily (music video)

2016 – „Kunst am Bau“ by Stadt Salzburg
Project: „Ego, Vanitas“, a musical 7-day performance piece about trauma and grief

2013 – „Perfect Pitch Award“ by Creative Region Austria
Project: „10 dollars for dead rainbow“, a musical crowdfunding video

2010 – „Clips on Climate Award“ by YOUKI Wels
Project: „Schweine schwitzen nicht“, a political short movie

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