I am a thinker, which is nice because I like being one.

I Like books, case studies, friday-night-random-artist-discography-analysis, concepts, drafts and daydreaming. Every once in a while these things come in handy when working on a project. Yes, I would even say they´re kinda useful. I´ve done them long enough to be quick, there´s a lot of source material on the world wide web and the best of all: I can do them by my own and by my own schedule.

But, as always, there´s a downside: Nobody knows. Not what. Not why. Not when. So nobody cares. Of course I pitch ideas every once in a while but while I do so there´s a big pile of unknown projects, concepts and artwork just lying around attracting metaphorical dust.

I´ve been thinking a lot about how to change this without letting it take away the energy I gain from the making process. These things are special, since I do them for my own so I can learn from the experience. Changing them into another thing where only the final product matters would contradict itself. So I did what I usually do: I researched, asked around and watched about a trillion TED talks until I stumbled on a small headline on some blog.

„Austin Kleon works on a new book“

Kleon, a „writer who draws“, from Austin, Texas started working on his third book after publishing one of my favorite reads of 2012. While „Steal like an artist“, his first work, focused on the topic of finding inspiration and using it to reinvent your craft his new book would was about showing your work. Even if you don´t like to network at dinner parties or put on a huge show.


2 Days ago I got my copy and instantly read it. Like always you can´t take everything he says to be set in stone but if you take what fits your situation and use it the right way I´m sure there´s room for some personal improvement. Thinking back to my art university days this was a problem almost everyone had but nobody had the guts to admit so I decided to take a first step and activate a blog on my portfolio.

I will focus on work processes, research, inspiration and small art projects. My goal is to get the dust off my pile and share what I do so I, and hopefully others, can learn from it.

If you want to read Austin Kleons books I put an Amazon direct link HERE. Also make sure to visit his official website for more information and art. To end this post I thought I´d share my first practical piece: A script-cutout-poem that has been inspired by Austin Kleon. The page is taken from the last movie I watched; Rushmore by Wes Anderson.


Stay foolish!